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Who is Soberjane?

The sole inspiration for our beach-loving brand, Soberjane wants to trade her dull, grey surroundings for the brightness of travel. She’s looking for an escape from reality; a way to unleash her true potential and feel the best version of herself…And that’s exactly what SoberJane Clothing stands for. 

We’ve taken the emotions of happiness, freedom, fun and adventure, and poured them all into the bespoke pieces we create. Offering straight-up comfort with the freedom to look and feel your best, Soberjane Clothing represents everything it means to be confident and beach-ready.

 Our Unique Product

Inspired by the carefree atmosphere of hanging out at the pool or beach, all our prints are exclusive to us and made solely in the UK from quality Italian fabrics.

Adaptability is key here at Soberjane Clothing, which is why we’ve specifically designed our current collection to be versatile and bold. From swimsuits to crop tops to skater skirts, different pieces can be mixed and matched to provide an endless bunch of combinations, giving you the power to create unique outfits to fit both a poolside date or a trip to the beach bar. 

Staying unique is equally important to us. As you’ll see when you browse our collection, many pieces offer vibrant contrasting lining for an exciting pop of colour. Rare to find in many other beach-inspired collections, this touch of individuality is guaranteed to make you stand out and feel confident against the crowd.


Our Future

Our brand is growing and expanding more than ever! 

As we speak, we’re currently working on even more exciting prints and designs without sacrificing any of the carefree, freedom-inspired authenticity our customers know and love.